New York Fashion Week Preview: Timo Weiland On The Fall 2013 Collection

Timo Weiland 2013

New York Fashion Week Preview: Timo Weiland On The Fall 2013 Collection
By Neesha Arter

New York Fashion Week is just around the corner and finding new trends for the Downtown girl is imperative. Alan Eckstein and Timo Weiland, the duo behind the brand’s namesake, Timo Weiland, have dominated New York City fashion for the past four years. The collection, which has been in Barneys since 2010, had a recent collaboration with Anthropologie and this season, Eckstein & Weiland will be taking on a men’s standalone collection in addition to their already existing women’s collection. Here, the duo discusses fashion, music, friends and what inspires them.

What was the inspiration for this collection?
On leave (for the weekend).

What’s been the most exciting part about being fashion designers, what’s been the most difficult?
Exciting: the evolution and development of our overall vision for Timo Weiland. Difficult: the business side and cash-flow with tremendous sales growth comes expenses…

How has your vision evolved in the past couple collections?
More cross-pollination of the Mens and Womens collections.

How do you guys balance everything you do from DJing to designing?
We multi-task and wear multiple hats always, but staying focused on the present task at hand is crucial- almost in a triage format!

Can you tell us how you two have evolved as a team of designers?
We (Alan, Donna, and Timo) have been together since the beginning- we have grown up and become more focused/confident over the past few years.

What is your favorite piece from the collection?
Hybrid jacket coats for high-speeds.

What should the Downtown girl buy this fall? What are the upcoming trends?
Oversized, yet feminine pieces.

Tell us about your design process?
Starts with music and our friends, plus library books, movies, concerts, museums, etc.

What’s a typical day like for you?
Early till late- very jam-packed.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?
A global lifestyle brand with deep roots in New York and TW flagship retail location(s).

What are your goals for the brand?
To conquer the world – one wardrobe at a time. We want to offer modern, luxury tasteful “uniforms” for the everyday professional man and woman. Excitement and growth.

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