Interview: Isaac Mizrahi Talks His New Fragrance, 5 Things Every Woman Needs and More!

Isaac Mizrahi
Interview: Isaac Mizrahi Talks His New Fragrance, 5 Things Every Woman Needs and More!
By Neesha Arter

You all know the fashion mogul Isaac Mizrahi, but you might not have known he just released his new women’s fragrance called ‘Fabulous.’ The New York City native has won multiple awards including the CFDA award, hosted TV shows includingProject Runway: All Stars, and has had many successful clothing lines. He took the time to sit down with us for an exclusive interview of all things fabulous in fashion.

You’ve said in the past, “Launching a fragrance is like marriage, you can’t rush into it.” What has this process been like?
I really think that. I think it’s much better to really understand what you’re doing instead of just doing it. I feel like I am in control of it and now know how to sit in a meeting and develop a fragrance and listen to comments without being overwhelmed.

What was the inspiration for this new women’s fragrance “Fabulous?”
Well the inspiration was to somehow embody my over 20 years of work into a scent, which I think is one of the most emotional things that a woman wears. It’s the thing she puts on before anything else. Growing up I was exposed to a number of very fabulous women. I grew up in New York City and my mother has always been an inspiration to me.

What is the best advice you have for young people entering the fashion industry?
The best advice is not to listen to advice because you have to make your own way and it has to be tons of fun, otherwise don’t. Either enjoy yourself and forget all that bloody advice or don’t do it. Do something else that you actually love because you spend so much time doing it that it shouldn’t feel like it’s actually work.

How did you come up with the design for “Fabulous?”
The first fragrance I designed was when I was collaborating on a perfume that never got made.  It was based on a children’s toy that wobbled around and had a heavy base to it. So that one never got made but I wanted to use an orb for this one. I wanted this scent to be a little crazy. I do think that ‘crazy’ is part of ‘fabulous.’ I think that there’s a craziness in a women’s life that adds to her being fabulous. I didn’t want it to be ‘fiesta,’ I wanted it to be literally a little crazy.

What are five things a woman should own?
A dog, but she doesn’t own the dog, the dog owns her.
A musical instrument.
A Kindle with a lot of books on it.
A collection of Copper cookware.
A bottle of Fabulous.

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