Interview: DJ Chelsea Leyland On NYC Vs. London And What Else Makes Her Spin

Chelsea Leyland

Interview: British DJ Chelsea Leyland On NYC Vs. London And What Else Makes Her Spin
By Neesha Arter

British DJ Chelsea Leyland grew up in London, with aspirations of becoming a big-time actress in NYC. Although her career didn’t go quite as planned, her gig still landed her in the city DJing for top industry leaders such as Valentino and Chanel. She even made it on to our list of NYC it-girl DJs. Check out this exclusive interview with Chelsea, where she lets us in on her Halloween plans, her true feelings on NYC nightlife, and her advice for aspiring DJs.

How did you first get your start as a DJ?
I actually fell into DJing, but it was something my boyfriend encouraged me to take seriously rather than just for fun. I always loved music but when I decided to take DJing seriously I started by taking classes with another DJ.

What is your typical day like since you mostly work at night?
I actually work a lot during the day but what I love about my job is that every day is different. I normally have to start the day with a good few hours of boring emails. Some days I will work on my music from home or in front of my turntables, but then the next day I could be on set doing a cool shoot or being interviewed for a TV show or I could even be on a plane to DJ in Mexico. It all depends on the day.

London vs. NYC?
That’s not fair, I can’t compare where I grew up to the city I love and live in. They are both good for different reasons.  I’ll take the culture and humor of England any day over America, but NYC as a city offers a lot more in terms of excitement and buzz. We have access to so many incredible things on our doorstep in this city and I often find London feels a little mundane and normal when I’m there for too long.

What’s your Halloween plan, will you be spinning?
I will be DJing but it’s a secret as of now. As for myself, I’m going to the party Robot Heart on the 27th. It’s with out a doubt the best party all year in NY.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?
I have a lot planned for the future and I would like to continue DJing, do more TV, and have my own show where I would interview all my amazing and talented friends. I’d also like to continue with my acting and have it be a main focus for me. I am also currently developing my own organic skin care range.

What’s the best advice you’ve received and what’s your advice to aspiring DJs?
The best advice I have been given in the past is to trust your gut feeling, as it’s almost always right. The advice I would give someone is develop your own style. Don’t just try and fit in as a DJ, our job is to please but also to educate and teach people things they don’t already know. Take risks, safe is boring.

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